9 ways to re-use coffee grounds in your home and garden

WAIT! Don't throw those used coffee grounds in trash!

Do your part for the environment and recycle them in the ways that make you happy double time!

  1. Fertilizer - You can easily create fertilizer by mixing about a 4 ounces (half a cup) of coffee grounds to one gallon of water. Let it steep overnight and then use on acid loving plants like roses and gardenias
  2. Compost - This one is easy, just throw it in the compost bin. It provides lots of nitrogen to the mix and to your plants
  3. Plant and boost seed production - Mix your carrot and radish seeds in with coffee grounds for easier sowing and to give these acid loving veggies a boost. You might even double your harvest with this trick! Try it with other seeds too. 
  4. Cat repellent - Sprinkle coffee grounds in the soil to keep them from digging in your plants
  5. Clean grease - use a little bit of the grounds to those tough pots and pans to help remove grease. Make sure that you do not try this on non-stick pans as they have sensitive finishes. 
  6. Remove odors from hands - After some smelly items like fish and onions  and even outdoor odors you can use coffee grounds to minimize the smell. Rubbing the grounds on your hands before the soap helps to absorb odors. Add some liquid soap and now you have a DIY scrub!
  7. Deodorize the garbage disposal - instead of tossing them in trash, put them right in the disposal. You can even let them sit a bit to absorb and mask odors. 
  8. Deodorize the freezer/refrigerator - Have something smelly that you found after weeks, but still can't get rid of the smell. Place a small bowl with coffee grounds in overnight. To give it an extra boost add a couple of drops of vanilla extract to the mix. 
  9. Keep worms alive - Whether you use them for your garden and composting or for fishing, mixing the grounds in with the soil makes for a happy and healthy worm home!

If you have more useful ways to use coffee grounds in your home or garden, please share in the comments below!

How to "Brain Dump" with Evernote - 15 minutes or less

So you have a lot of ideas and no where to put them.
They come to you at odd times and odd places.
Your favorite blogger has told you that you need to do a "brain dump."
You're an artist with creative juices flowing all over the place, just spilling on napkins and paper scraps and voice recorders.
You jotted your ideas down on a post-it note.
You recorded it on your phone.

You never wrote the idea down because you did not know where to put it.
You didn't have your "notebook" to write it down because you were at the doctor's office.
You can't find that napkin, scrap paper or post-it note.
Your phone was destroyed and you lost all your data.

Any number of these things could have happened and your million dollar idea, product or song is gone!

Fear no more! You can capture that and more with Evernote and have it FOREVER!
Yes, I said forever. No matter where you are. No matter what device you have.
Your Android phone. Your iPhone. Your Windows computer. Your tablet. Your iMac.
Evernote has the features and functionality whether or not you are a "paper" person or a digital person to help you keep track of your next big thing.

You say you don't have time to "learn" another app, no problem! You can get started in as little as 15 minutes!

The first thing you need to do is install Evernote on your mobile device. Why? Because everyone has their phone all the time. It's like an adult pacifier, LOL!
Okay, you have your phone? Go to http://bit.ly/babevernotebasic to download Evernote. No worries, this is the free version. Free forever, not for 7 days or 30 days. Free forever. Evernote is so awesome though you'll be ready to upgrade to the Evernote Premium in no time, but that's for another day.

Okay, the application is downloaded. Now you need to log in. Do you have a Gmail account? If you do not, are you from this planet? LOL, seriously though, if you do not have a Gmail account it is not a big deal, but it will take a little bit more time because you need to create an account. If you do have an account you can use that to log into Evernote, isn't that awesome! No additional password to remember. There is a button below that says "Sign in with Google" and then select the account to use with Evernote.

The hard work getting set up is done! Now only 2 more steps to saving your ideas and having them with you where ever you are.
Inside the application there is a small green circle with a plus sign like this:



This says you want to add a note.
Once you select that, you get a pop up for the type of note like this:


Now select whatever you need:

  • Camera - take a pictures and write notes about it
  • Attachment - upload/add a document or whatever you want to the note and then add text
  • Audio - record your thoughts
  • Reminder - set a reminder for later to do something. You can also set reminders on the other types of notes as well.
  • Handwriting - draw or write your idea
  • Text Note - type what you want to remember

That's it you are done!
Happy brain dumping!

NOTE: The links to sign up for Evernote above are affiliate links.